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Paper Presentation_Subtheme 4_National Qualifications Frameworks and Their Links to QA

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Session 4-1-1_Paka & Baird_Aligning the Papua New Guinea National Qualifications Framework, Quality Assurance, Policy Directions and Regional Frameworks(application/pdf / 2 MB)
Session 4-1_2. Gallimore_Assessing the Degree Qualifications Profile for Quality Assurance in American Higher Education Accreditation( / B)
Session 4-2_1. Fan, CCheung, & Chan_ NQF and QA: The Case of Hong Kong(application/pdf / 2 MB)
Session 4-2_2. Mitchell, Drowley, & Butler_National Qualifications Frameworks and Their Links to Quality Assurance(application/pdf / 834 KB)
Session 4-3_1. Sanerivi_Quality Assurance and National Qualifications Frameworks Feed Off Each Other to Achieve Quality - A Pacific Perspective( / B)
Session 4-3_2. Shawyun_Triangularization of Qualifications Framework, Planning and Quality Assurance(application/pdf / 2 MB)
Sesssion 4-4_1. Linde, & Sundkvist_The Relationship Between Quality Assurance and What Students Really Know and Can Do After A Period of Study. Assessing Achieved Learning Outcomes in an External Qual(application/pdf / 361 KB)
Session 4-4_2. Klassen, & De Aux_Journeys Within the Credentials Framework: One Organization’s Tales of Quality Assurance Within A Jurisdictional Qualifications Framework(application/pdf / 731 KB)

Paper Presentation_Subtheme 3_Impact of QA and the Effects of External and Internal QA

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Session 3-1_1. Saarilammi, & Kekalainen_The Impact of the First Audit Round in Finland(application/pdf / 1 MB)
Session 3-1_2. Tamrat_Perceived Impacts of the First External Quality Audits Carried out in Ethiopian Public and Private Higher Education Institutions( / B)
Session 3-1_3. Mudhahki, & Al-Sindi_The Impact of the National Authority for Qualifications and Quality Assurance of Education and Training in Bahrain Higher Education(application/pdf / 4 MB)
Session 3-1_4_Ponmundiraj_Impact of Internal Quality Assurance(IQA) on External Quality Assurance(EQA): An Indian Experience( / B)
Session 3-2_1. Lontok_A Two-tiered Quality Assurance Approach: The Case of Colleges of Technology in Oman (application/pdf / 2 MB)
Session 3-2_2. De Vincenzi_Changes in Academic Management and How They Relate to the Process of Institutional Assessment in Argentine Private Universities(application/pdf / 811 KB)
Session 3-2_3. Darandari, & Hoke_Using Quality Assurance Mechanisms to Enhance Change and Organizational Learning(application/pdf / 3 MB)
Session 3-3_1. Cheng_Benefits from Both American and Taiwanese External QA Processes: The Case of Ming Chuan University(application/pdf / 731 KB)
Session 3-3_2. Mofolo, & Polaki_Challenges and Lessons Learnt from an Intervention Designed to Activate and Strengthen Internal Quality Assurance Mechanisms of Higher Education Institutions(application/pdf / 2 MB)
Session 3-3_3. Cosam_Developing a Regional Quality Assurance System for Higher Education in East Africa: Progress and Experiences( / B)
Session 3-4_1. Halford, & Harvey_Making a Difference: What Is The Impact on UK Higher Education of the Quality Assurance Agency?( / B)
Session 3-4_2. Lecocq, & Pisarz_Impact of QA and the Effects of External and Internal QA: Regional Perspectives to A Shared Issue(application/pdf / 1 MB)
Session 3-4_3. Klassen_The Impact of The Quality Assurance Process on Ontario’s Colleges(application/pdf / 263 KB)

Paper Presentation_Subtheme 2_Innovative Approaches to External QA in Tertiary Education

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Session 2-1_1. McMahon, & Fowler_Quality Assurance of Matauranga Maori Qualifications and Education Providers in New Zealand(application/pdf / 191 KB)
Session 2-1_2. Frederiks, & Heusser_Towards a European Certificate for Excellence in Internationalisation (application/pdf / 2 MB)
Session 2-1_3. Klassen, & Warkentin_Innovation in Quality Assurance: Developing A Comprehensive Quality Assurance System Where None Other Exists(application/pdf / 270 KB)
Session 2-2_1. Chen, Hou, Ho, Chang, Wang, and Pan_Rethink of Peer Review Process in Quality Assurance of Higher Education from Analysis of Objection Report in Taiwan(application/pdf / 1 MB)
Session 2-2_2. Motova, & Navodnov_Integrating Innovation and Diversity into External Quality Assurance Procedures: The Russian Experience(application/pdf / 3 MB)
Session 2-2_3. Shanbhag, & Kondapalli_Accelerating Quality Improvement and Innovations in Higher Education – The New Framework of NAAC(application/pdf / 1 MB)
Session 2-3_1_Baird & Paka_Coordination of External Quality Assurance, National Policy and Aid Priorities: An Example From PNG(application/pdf / 2 MB)
Session 2-3_2. Patil_Quality Information Systems as Response to Rankings- An Innovative Strategy of Asia Pacific Quality Network.(application/pdf / 378 KB)
Session 2-3_3. MaClaran, Mitchell, Ryan, & Tilbury_Quality Futures – Innovation for Sustainability Through Quality Systems (application/pdf / 518 KB)
Session 2-4_1. Wong_External Quality Assurance Under a Self Accreditation System: Promoting and Assessing Internal Quality Assurance(application/pdf / 3 MB)
Session 2-4_2. Peris, Wickramasinghe_Web Based Monitoring and Evaluation System for External Quality Assessments in Universities(application/pdf / 1 MB)
Session 2-5_1. Padro, & Kek_Student Engagement and Student Satisfaction :Two Measures Auguring for Independent Review Criteria or Standards for Student Support Services in National Quality Assurance S(application/pdf / 867 KB)
Session 2-5_2. Tuur, & Mattisen_From Study Programme Accreditation to Study Programme Group Assessment(application/pdf / 772 KB)

Paper Presentation_Subtheme 1_The QA of Trans-Border Education

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Session 1-1_1. Hamdy_Quality Assurance in Continuing Education and Training : The Experience of The Management Center in Globalizing Recognition Across Border(application/pdf / 2 MB)
Session 1-1_2. Trevor-Roper, Razvi, & Goodlife_Academic Affiliations Between Foreign and Omani Higher Education Institutions: Learning from OAAA Quality Audits(application/pdf / 2 MB)
Session 1-1_3. Shyamasundar_Assuring the Quality of Collaborative Provision of Transnational Higher Education( / B)
Session 1-2_1. Bogopa, & Ncube_From Quality Providers to Quality Assured Provision: The Case for Botswana Cross Border Tertiary Education(application/pdf / 2 MB)
Session 1-2_2. Hayashi_Quality Assurance of Transnational Programs in East Asia: Monitoring of the “CAMPUS Asia” Programs(application/pdf / 1020 KB)
Session 1-2_3. Mcmahon_Quality Assurance of Cross-Border Education: New Zealand Initiatives(application/pdf / 169 KB)
Session 1-3_1. Wang, Mengquan, Zhang, Tang, Du, & Li_Role and Function of Quality Assurance Agencies in Cross-Border Education Quality Assurance—A Case Study of the Quality Assurance for Sino-Foreign(application/pdf / 206 KB)
Session 1-3_2. Lin, Hou, & Fahmi_The Implication of Mutual Recognition in Asia: Case Study of MQA and HEEACT(application/pdf / 1 MB)
Session 1-3_3. Sankey & Padro_Using Distributed Learning as A Measure to Capture Additional Data on the Quality of Technology Enhanced Learning( / B)

Keynote Speech and Round Table

Name Download
1. Keynote Speech for the Conference_Guy Haug_Managing Diversity: Sustainable QA Processes(application/pdf / 768 KB)
2. Keynote Speech for Subtheme 1_Jason Lane _Quality Assurance & Cross-Border Higher Education: The Rise of The Multi-National University (application/pdf / 2 MB)
3. Keynote Speech for Subtheme 2_Anthony MaClaran_Innovative Approaches to External Quality Assurance(application/pdf / 988 KB)
4. Chair of Round Table of Subtheme 3_David Woodhouse_ Impact of External QA(application/pdf / 615 KB)
5. Round Table of Subtheme 3_Sonia Marta Mora _Impacts of Higher Education EQA in Latin America Toward a Renewed Agenda of Accreditation Agencies(application/pdf / 1 MB)
6. Round Table of Subtheme 3_Josep Grifoll_Considering Impact of QA for Higher Education: The Perfect Way to Enhance Our Strategies(application/pdf / 449 KB)
7. Round Table of Subthemem 3_Angela yung-Chi Hou_ Impact of External QA on Asian Higher Education:Different Types of Accreditations Will Bring Different Impact?(application/pdf / 257 KB)
8. Chair of Round Table of Subtheme 4_Jeanette Baird_National Qualifications Frameworks (NQFs) and Their Links to QA(application/pdf / 393 KB)
9. Round Table of Subtheme 4_Malik Althuwaini( / B)
10. Round Table of Subtheme 4_John Arnesen_ Advocacy of the South African National Qualifications Framework: A Social Marketing Case Study(application/pdf / 1 MB)
11. Round Table of Subtheme 4_Peter Cheung _The Idea of Qualification Framework(application/pdf / 631 KB)
12. Conclusions of the Conference and Closing Remarks_ Maria Jose Lemaitre_National Qualifications Frameworks Lessons from International Experience(application/pdf / 568 KB)