Conference Theme: Managing Diversity:Sustainable quality assurance processes


The 2013 Biennial Conference will take place in Taipei, Taiwan, from the 8th till the 11th of April, 2013. The Higher Education Evaluation and Accreditation Council of Taiwan (HEEACT) will be the host of this international conference.


The conference theme is Managing Diversity: Sustainable quality assurance processes. There will be four related subthemes:

1. The QA of trans-border education: from quality providers to quality assured provision
2. Innovative approaches to external QA in tertiary education: not a single approach towards excellence
3. Impact of QA and the effects of external and internal QA: regional perspectives to a shared issue
4. National qualifications frameworks and their links to QA (including involvement of stakeholders)
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Committee Members of INQAAHE 2013 Conference



Executive Committee (appointed by INQAAHE)

María José Lemaitre (President, INQAAHE)

Carol Bobby (Vice-President, INQAAHE)

Guido Langouche (Secretary, INQAAHE)

Richard Lewis (Treasurer, INQAAHE)



Program and Conference Committee (appointed by INQAAHE)

Rafael Llavori (Board member, INQAAHE)

María José Lemaitre (President, INQAAHE)

David Woodhouse (Board Member, INQAAHE)



Organizing Committee (appointed by HEEACT)

Lung-Sheng Lee (President, HEEACT)

Li-Yun Wang (Dean, Office of Research and Development, HEEACT)

Yen-Shun Wei (Dean, Office of Evaluation Affair, HEEACT)

Angela Yung-Chi Hou (Director of Center for Faculty Development & Instructional Resources, Fu Jen Catholic University)

Chun-Chi Chih (Assistant Research Fellow, HEEACT)

Karen Hui-Jung Chen (Assistant Research Fellow, HEEACT)


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